3 Fundamentals for Building a High Performance Team

High performance team, Leadership development

To build a high performance team is probably the number one success strategy for growing any profitable business. Regardless of sector, industry or location, high performance teambuilding will continue to play a key role in business growth many years to come. Unfortunately though, many entrepreneurs and business leaders do not quite understand this simple but powerful business principle.

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For Things to Change, You First Have to Change!

Have you experienced tremendous frustration with respect to meeting basic needs in life? In this article I will talk about one of the most overlooked obstacles to success and how to get victory over this stumbling block.

Here is a question for you:
Are you the type of person who makes decisions based on opportunities, or do you base them on your personal circumstances? I have come across some people who complain and moan about everything. They tell you how broke they are, how they do not have time for themselves and how their brothers, uncles or relatives are not helping them.

I have listened to some people who sounded desperate to see things change in their lives. Most of them shared with me how they have struggled with finance, joblessness and all sorts of frustrations. It seems to me that majority of people are looking for the right opportunity to improve the quality of their lives; but the more I consider this, the more I prove myself wrong. My experience with some people shows that despite their situations, they have refused to do something to change their circumstances. For over five years, I have adopted a popular saying which says ‘….for things to change, YOU first have to change’. This is one secret weapon to succeed in life.

Life is a risk and for anybody to achieve the desired goal in it, he/she must become a risk-taker and accept the challenge to be free. The challenge may not always be easy but the decision to be free will always be well worth it. Accepting the challenge to make a change also help everybody around you to have the same quality of life that allows people to actually live their lives, rather than be a slave to financial obligations. If you are poor today, my advice to you is to make a decision now which would help you to come out of poverty within a year or two. Identify an opportunity that would serve as the vehicle to deliver your desired goal based on your specific desire.

Unfortunately, some people want to be free-riders. They refuse to identify opportunities and when you point them to one. They make all sorts of excuses ranging from lack of money, time and experience which are purely based on their present circumstances. These people want to see things change in their lives but are not interested in taking action to make them happen. Until you take steps to make and implement quality decisions about your life, nothing will ever change. If a person is having issues with body weight, the right thing to do would be to sign-up for a gym or a diet program. Also, if a person wants to get more education to enhance his/her values; going back to school would be a good option; results don’t just fall from the air.

In late 2008, my personal finances were in ruins due in part to being downsized from my job. It was so bad that we had to meet my family’s financial obligations with gift from friends and church members. Every effort to replace my job was met with rejection especially with the entrance of the 2008 global economic recession when thousands of organizations were forced out of business thereby causing unprecedented growth in global unemployment.

In the midst of these tough circumstances, I discovered an online opportunity, a business model that was designed to help people like you and me develop more skills, have more time for ourselves and families, and achieve financial freedom. The catch was that in order to work with this model, I needed to make one-time payment of $300 and a monthly subscription of $60 for this systems maintenance. I simply didn’t have $60 to spend, and this is the part of the story that would end for most of you reading this if you were in the same situation. While I was exploring the model, one thing led to another and I met a guy who has achieved financial freedom through this system, and was willing to help me get out of my rat race if I was ready to work with him.

Instead of dismissing such clear life-changing opportunity, I didn’t let my circumstances dictate my future. So, I decided that I would find the money somehow; partly because of the system, and for the man that I felt could help get me out of those circumstances to begin with.

I was “squeezing blood out of a turnip” as the old saying goes just so that I could continue to cover the cost of this system. It wasn’t easy at all and at times I really didn’t know how I was going to come up with the money, but each month I found a way to do it anyway.

As a result of my choice to embrace the opportunity over my circumstances, here are some of the things that have happened since then:

– I have incorporated two companies for myself; one in the United Kingdom and the other in the United States.

– My family and I are now able to live on our own income without depending on friends and church members anymore.

– I have raised a strong and reliable team of leaders within my business who are now living life on their own terms. This team continues to expand across the globe very rapidly.

I really hate boasting; but the point I am making is simply this:
if I had not made the decision to invest into that opportunity, I would never be able to achieve any of the things I mentioned above, possibly not at this time. I cringe at the thought of how many people miss out on great life-changing opportunities with the “I can’t afford it” or ‘I don’t have the time’ kind of thinking. For 97% of the people, this is just a knee-jerk, conditioned response that will keep them broke, busted and disgusted for ever.

Just as Jim Rohn said ‘If you don’t like how things are going in your life….. change it! For Things to Change; YOU first have to Change’. I challenge you today to reassess whether you are making decisions based on the long term gains and benefits which are usually hidden in most opportunities that come your way, or on your so-called financial circumstances. Remember, until you change it, no one else would. In case you are curious about the opportunity that helped me to conquer poverty, visit Rehoboth World and I will personally help you if you would like.