The Success Factor – Achieving Sustainable Results Based on Key Principles

Have you wondered why only a few people succeed in life while many others continue to struggle no matter how hard they tried? Does it not matterSuccess factor to you that majority of the people you know work hard, hard, hard everyday with little or nothing to show for their hard work? Why do only a few number of people succeed, while majority others fail?

It was exactly 5:00 a.m when the alarm triggered off. It was not the first time this was happening, it just happens to have become a tradition in the family home of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The alarm clock is their treasured tool that wakes them up to prepare for work every morning and by now, they have become so used to the routine; waking up and catching early morning train to work.

Both couples work a total of 140 hours per week, but frustrated in their standard of living. They are in arrears on the important bills including electricity, gas, and water. Their three children barely go to school with lunch packs because Mom and Dad could not afford to give them the “luxury.” Life is quite challenging to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

What could have happened? Both couples are responsible, at least they know they should work and not depend on anybody for what they want. They work very, very hard; it’s just that they are not earning enough income to justify their long hours of work every week.

I know someone else who’s in this type of situation. He is fondly called King. He owns a business that should be doing well but not. King does everything he know everyday to find customers to patronize him, but the most of the feedback he gets is a “No, Thank You” answer. The last time I heard from him, he was contemplating giving up his office space because he could no longer pay his business rent. Just another frustrating life.

Just yesterday, I was in the train station, only to see a group of students discussing about their inability to achieve their desired grades because of what they labelled ‘very bad teacher” that hated them. I said in my mind;

“…..Really? You failed to achieve your target grade because your teacher hated you? He or she must be a super teacher to hate all five of you and made you fail your papers!

Many of the experiences we encounter in life deserve so much to be pitied or worried about. While only a few people are busy succeeding everyday, majority others are failing or complaining and blaming their lack of success on someone else. I am sure you probably have few examples of people you know, who are in this category, right?

The question I often get asked is “Why are the majority of people failing, including people that work extremely hard like Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and King, while only a handful of people, who are probably taking life easy are constantly succeeding?” Is God partial or is success based on luck?

Good question! To begin with, there is no partiality in God!!

Secondly, I do not believe that being successful is a game of luck or chance, but here’s the key. Sustainable success is achieved only on fundamental success factor principles that have been proven to be true and effective more than two thousand years ago. These principles are too simple to apply that almost 95% of the people take them for granted and neglect them. The 5% that work with them are the only people succeeding.

To be successful, you do not just need to understand these key principles, you have to apply them everyday in any area of your life, career, finance, relationship, personal development or health, where you want to experience significant change. The Success Factor principles work only if you apply them.

The Success Factor principles will help you to:

  • Gain crystal clarity about your choices and direction,
  • Set and achieve most important goals in your life, career, finance, relationship, or personal growth,
  • Develop a winning mindset,
  • Take 100% responsibility for what you want,
  • Overcome psychological barriers – fear, doubt & limiting beliefs

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