How To Stay Focused In The Midst of All The Distractions in Town?

Focus on your vision

It is no more story that the environment is now characterised with absolute distractions! If you’re not weighed down by news from television about crime, rape, robbery, kidnap, war or crisis in one part of the world or another, you’re probably bombarded with much more information than you can handle in less than a minutes from the internet, smartphones or mobile tablets. This trends seems unabated that unless you are careful, you’ll definitely by discouraged or give up.

But in the midst of all the daily distractions, some people are consistently making progress in life, business or career. The question I’ve always been asked by my clients, colleagues and friends is, “how do you keep focused in the midst of all these distractions?”

After helping many entrepreneurs and business leaders build successful businesses and career, I believe that the strategy for building successful businesses works for other areas of life including relationships, personal development or health and fitness.

Here are some of the key principles that could help you…

Define your compelling vision of where you want to be and stick with it. If you don’t know where you are going, everywhere you get to will look like the place to you. So in other to really be successful at whatever you want, you must first decide to be responsible for it, and develop the mental image of the end-result in my mind’s eye.

You’ve got to believe in yourself. Everything is created twice; one in the mind, followed by the physical creation. If you do not believe in your ability to achieve what you want, you can not create it in the physical.

You’ve got to stay with empowering people. Negative people or negative environments suck! As far as it is possible for you, stay away from the people that aren’t going anywhere. How do you know them? They have no vision, no goal of what they want to achieve in the next 12 months, no prioritised action plan for achieving what they want, or always focusing on past failures.

Read good (empowering) books like The ART of Achievement and Fulfillment. Learn from people, who have succeeded or succeeding at what you want.

Get yourself a Coach. Do you know any sportsman or woman that records multiple levels of success without a coach? The same is now true about life, business and career. If you want to record multiple levels of success in any area of your life, find a coach who can help you see what you’re not seeing.

I hope this helps.

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