How To Transform Your Life and Maximize Your Potentials

maximize your potentials

It is not by accident that you’re made with infinite capability to live abundant life. By default, you have the power to envision, and create magnificent works of goodness. There is a giant wrapped in every cell of your being that is always ready and willing to perform extra-ordinary inventions beyond your imagination, and the imaginations of anyone you can think of.

Contrary to our original Blueprint, there is a growing gap between the life we desire, and our current state. Many times our desires conflict with our actions, and this makes us indulge in certain behaviours that sabotage our ability to create the things we truly wanted. Very often, your strive for comfort zone widens the gap between what you want and what you get. I covered this in-depth in my book, “The ART of Achievement and Fulfillment,” and went further to explain how to better your life and make a difference in your world.

If you are not making important decisions about your life everyday, you’re probably not growing. Decision making is the powerful force to transform your life. Learning how to make decisions will help to improve your life, and live a happy life. But the moment you stop stretching, seeking, and risking… you actually stop maximizing your potentials. That’s the time to be worried about. The whole trick about personal growth is awareness, vision or dream. You cannot maximize your potential if you can’t dream it; and even after dreaming it, you need another force to take you to level of achieving the dream; you need to make a decision!

Many people give up their dreams because they can’t make a simple decision to go for it. They see decision-making as a game of risk. But truly speaking, if you want to transform your life, achieve your dream, and maximize your potential; your first step in your ladder of progress is to make quality decisions everyday. Your decision to go to the next level of life is a fundamental conscious choice that can be made by no one else but you. At any time, the decisions you make have three significant lessons:

· Sensitivity of Time

Time is the gap between what you want to achieve, and when you actually have it in your hand. You have the power to collapse the gap or widen it. Many people procrastinate with important issues of their lives. They constantly put off important decisions about the things that matter the most in their life until they become too late before they blame someone.

If you must achieve your goal to take your life to the next level, you must position yourself so that time will work for you, and not against you. Decide to take action as quickly as possible on the important things that will bring the change you’re looking for. Do not wait for the perfect time as non-exists.

· Sacrificial Pain

Any time you make a decision to do something towards improving your life, that’s automatically a decision to discontinue an old way of living. That decision to move to the next level always comes with a price – a sacrificial pain. It is not always an enjoyment to discipline oneself from socializing with friends at pubs and cinemas just because you want to learn new skill. But you must decide for what is most important for you – to go to club/cinema or to sit down and learn?

On the other hand, next level results come in phases and almost with pains initially. If you want to achieve sustainable success, be prepared to observe the three natural seasons of life, planting – cultivation – harvest. From my own personal experience, cultivation period is synonymous with patience. It is the most painful period of all because it simply keeps you waiting, and you don’t have control.

· Risk

Regardless of research and analysis, your decisions will burst sometimes, it happens. What would you do if this happens to you? Sometimes we see decision in a positive perspective, but many times the things we want don’t appear as we thought. When this happens, a risk has occurred.

A risk can occur as a result of delay, government policy, natural cause, or a change in the economy. Each of these has a great potential to stop us from achieving our next level goal. But if you are determined, and have emotional strength to IGNITE the giant in you, you must always find a way out; I promise!

At any moment in life, there are four wonderful decision-making criteria you can apply to help you get going. I learned this from Bob Proctor and you can apply them.

Whenever you’re faced with the challenge of how to make a decision, ask yourself these four decision making questions:

1. Do I want to be, do, or have this?

2. Will being, doing, or having this move me in the direction of my goal?

3. Is being, doing, or having this in harmony with God’s laws or the laws of the universe?

4. Will being, doing, or having this violet the right of others?

If you answer ‘YES’ to the first three questions, and ‘NO’ to the last; make the decision and get going. The whole essence of life is to grow and serve but you cannot serve meaningfully unless you live a happy life and fulfilled.

If you have any thoughts, insights or questions, please share with me below.


Nkem Mpamah is founder and CEO of Cognition Global Concepts and author of The ART of Achievement And Fulfillment. Nkem inspires ambitious individuals to turn their dreams into reality, transform their lives, and maximize their potentials.


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