Perfection is a Killer Disease; Don’t Let it Stop Your Dreams

As humans, we are endowed with plethora of creative abilities to innovate, create, and make extra-ordinary things happen. Ultimately, we are the highest force of creation in the whole universe. This endowment from the Creator of life sets us apart to achieve high performance results and successes far beyond anything else that was created. Essentially, this is what makes you a powerful force of creation.

You have the capacity to dream, set goals, execute actions, and bring your dreams to reality. By this simple process, you can transform the world. You don’t need to ask for this ability or what others call power, it’s already in you right now. The people that invent new technologies and build successful businesses are not better than you; the only difference is that they recognize that they have the ability to do so, and use it. They believe very much in themselves.

Aside from people who don’t recognize the ability they have, there is another set of people, the perfectionists. They are people who understand the great potential they have but fail to explore them. I work with people in business and other professions to help them start new businesses or grow existing ones. Some of the reasons many people give for their failures revolve around the fact that they don’t want to make a mistake. They want everything to be perfect before they launch. Unfortunately, this is the same reason many people take their ingenuity, great dreams and ideas with them to their graveyards.

The purpose of this article is to challenge you to understand the impact of wasting what you have that could change the world. I want you to realize the danger of waiting for the “perfect time” before executing your dreams. Perfection is the cancer that destroys goals, dreams and aspirations. It leads to failure, poverty and regret and should not be allowed to influence your decisions if you want to make progress in life.

Perfection is the state of flawlessness; a condition of 100% accuracy without the need for further improvement. In reality, perfection does not exist. It does more harm to growth and progress of a person than it sounds as blessing. The objective of any good vision, goal or dream is to create what was not, or improve what already exists. It is of absolute necessity therefore that your ideas and dreams are matched with urgent inspiration and execution of actions to bring them to live. Anything contrary to this, you risk the chance of manifesting your dream.

The Reality of Life

If you want to become successful (which I believe you want), do not wait for “the perfect time;” there is no time as that. The more you wait for the perfect time, the more you stand the chance of losing enthusiasm for the action to bring your dream to live. Dreams and goals need your enthusiasm to come alive, and perfectionism kills enthusiasm. Anytime you set a goal or have a dream to achieve something new, you will stand a better chance of success if you take “baby step” to start. When I work with my start up business clients, my usual recommendation is for them to start small.

There is never a time you would build or grow a successful business or career to the extent that it would become perfect. No! If there were a state of perfection in business or career, Microsoft, Apple, General Motors, and other multi-national corporations and individuals would have attained it. In it’s extreme case, perfection leads to procrastination and the key for overcoming procrastination is to begin with the smallest part of every major action in order to fulfill your goal. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Many people are stuck in perfection because they are afraid of making mistakes; but it is impossible to start and grow your business or career without making and learning from mistakes. So, don’t let the fear of mistakes stop.

But you need to be proactive to succeed. For example, if you want to change your career, start a new business, or become a transformational leader; the best time to start is now. Research what you want and obtained useful information on it. Read good books in the area of your interest. Surround yourself with the people who are succeeding in those areas. If you are seeking a new job; make job applications to your prospective employers, and prepare for job interviews well in advance.

Be proactive, research your industry and acquaint yourself with current trends and developments within that industry. Finally, “deep your feet in the water.” Don’t take things for granted; you must prepare in your mind that the worse things would probably go wrong at the worse time, and it would probably cost you the “worse” amount of money to fix it. This is far from being negative because by doing this, you don’t set false expectations of building a life, career, or business full of roses.

Take Action Now And Change Your Life

If you are not making decisions and implementing simple daily actions to achieve your goals, tendency is that you are not growing. If you want to develop high-performance capability, break free from procrastination and achieve your goals, sign up now for a free “Mastery Coaching Strategy Session” and a member of my team will contact you to confirm your session. Book your Free Coaching Session


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