Embargo on Travelling…, A Better Way to Escape is Here

People go through so much ordeal year on year because of travelling?  Most people plan their trips in advance of one or two years and take advantage of the internet and search engines to ‘strike deals…’ But how far has this helped the individual travellers to achieve maximum travelling benefits?

To the travellers, travelling is a way of escape, relaxation, happiness and fun. Some see it as a way of discovering new places, new cultures, new friends and new relationships?  Travelling does not discriminate with age; Infact, I met a couple in their 50s and they told me that ‘travelling is a good way of spending their golden years’. So, travelling is important to life. 

But Travelling is quite expensive and risky. Months before you travel, you may have to worry about sourcing the cheapest flight to your destinations, followed by hotel/resort/condo/villa or cruise accommodation arrangements based purely on your budget.  You will have to speak with several agents for ‘best deals’ peradventure they will obtain some sort of discounts for you. Travelling exotic 5-Star locations of the world is the desire of everybody unfortunately, not everybody can do that because it costs a fortune to do that, coupled with the risk of losing personal effects due to improper handling by dealers.


How much benefit can you make with an Idea that will open up entire world of luxurious travel at Wholesale Prices…; Exotic 5-Star locations anywhere in the world, whenever you want?  That’s not all…, plus you will begin to Travel More for Less Money with ALL travel arrangements including, activities like swimming, Volley Ball Games, Spa Experiences, Jacuzzi and Concierge Service arrangements made for you…?  Yes You!

The World is changing, so do everything. If you are not travelling enough because of economic recession and the impact of travelling on your budget, here is the perfect opportunity for you to travel more and be treated as a VIP anytime.  Some of our trips are priced as low as $49 pp on a 3 Day/2 Night trip, all days inclusive plus you have the opportunity to Make Money as you Travel!

Watch the Video Clip of One of Our Trips below; You will love it.

If you want to take advantage of this new idea which I sincerely hope you would; let me know and I will be happy to help show you how. 


2 thoughts on “Embargo on Travelling…, A Better Way to Escape is Here

  1. PAUL KARIKA 28/07/2010 / 8:14 am

    nkem, quite interesting deal. would really to tap on it.




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