Your Success Begins When You Choose to Do Something Different

Do you really like Change? I would be surprised if you answered ‘Yes’ to this question because by choice, majority of people are risk averse and usually, they resist the slightest opportunity to explore new opportunities. 

Anybody can become who he/she wants to become. One fascinating aspect of life and creation is that God has given every man the power to make choices. The power and ingenuity to recreate is in you. This ability has nothing to do with how much education you have; neither is it proportionate to how wealthy you or your parents are. The people who have become successful did so because they chose to do something different. The equation below helps to illustrate this: 

Passion + Determination + Motivation – Action = Zero! 

Living and achieving success in whatever endeavour depends on who you are and what you are doing. Take for example, if you identify a need to improve your live and you strive to implement an action to improve it, you will become somebody. If you chose to become adamant and give millions of reasons to justify your circumstance rather than taking action to improve it, you also become somebody…. But in the final analysis, you are not the same person. 

Some of you are passionate and seriously contemplating switching your lives from job security to financial security while others are developing themselves personally by getting financial education to equip them for the challenges ahead. These are the right things to do initially. The problem is that most of you would like to carry on preparing for forever and forget that preparation alone does not change anything unless action is taken to implement it.

Some of the limiting factors responsible for inactivity and stagnation in life are:

  1. Fear – you are afraid that they might make a mistake or fail. Fear is number 1 enemy of success and if you dwell in it, tendency is that you will never move forward. The reason some people are held back by fear is because the orientation we all received from employment is that it is not permissible to make a mistake. This idea runs completely contrary to business; infact in business, you are allowed to make several mistakes because the more mistakes you make, the more lessons you learn.

2.   Lack of Money – this has become a common excuse that hold some people back from making progress in life. They want to hold on to the money they have thinking that they are saving it for more important projects. But here is the truth; if your life and that of your family depend on salary/wages from employment, there is a strong tendency that you are financially insecure; and if you do not plan to invest a little amount out of what you have presently towards stabilizing your finances within 18 months from now, then your situation would likely be worse in 24 months from today.

3. I Don’t Have Time or, I Need More Time to Think  – Many people fall into this trap because they don’t want to take risk. They prefer to suffer hardship to taking the first step towards doing something different to improve their lives. Very often, I see people do two or three jobs to make ends meet. Most times they say that they do not have time to do anything else. I have also seen people struggling with their finances but have also refused to look at or consider opportunities that would help to improve them financially. 

When you work in two or three jobs, the interpretation is that you are a slave to your jobs because everything in you is controlled by your jobs. If you are not satisfied with one job; it is very likely that you can never get a better result with 2 or 3 additional jobs. On the other hand, if you are working and you are perpetually broke financially and you are not looking at doing some of the things successful people are doing to achieve freedom, tendency is that you would not get any better. 

The dream of most people is to reach a stage in life where they would be able to provide for themselves and those around them. The pursuit of a goal to move you from job security to financial security is the journey into financial freedom and it starts with a decision to do something different now.

There are many low cost business opportunities you can consider to kick start your life. There are also several books and DVDs designed to educate you to achieve this but if you have not decided to Do Something after using these great resources; you will probably be at the same level of life forever. Having gone through this myself, I would advice you to consider it very seriously to review the opportunities available to you today, take a decision and start implementing it immediately. You would probably need help depending on your choice of action and I recommend that you look for a mentor who would guide you all the way. If you are happy to work with me, I can guide you. For the time being, you can download these 3 FREE CDs  to show you how to succeed in any Home Based Business.


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