The Truth About WorldVentures

If you are looking to invest in network marketing as a model to achieve your personal financial goals, I would strongly advise you to consider WorldVentures as your number 1 choice. Why did I make this recommendation? 

When ever you discuss Network Marketing or MLM (as it is fondly called), a lot of red flags are usually raised to question the legitimacy of everything about the industry, the company and sometimes your own self for having such ‘dubious’ thinking. The very prominent reactions you would receive include…

• It is a Pyramid
• You cannot earn more money than the person that introduced you
• Only the people at the top get all the money

I came across WorldVentures when I was searching the internet for an investment opportunity in Network Marketing. Having gone through the company’s profile I became very interested and called up the guys in the United States for a discussion. Prior to this I did not know anybody who was working with the company and I needed to know, see or hear a third party validation of the company outside what I saw on their website. When I became satisfied with all the information I got about the company, I signed-up immediately and since then, I can assure you that life has never been the same with me.

 Here are some of the things you must know about WorldVentures. 

1. It is not a Pyramid Scheme
The term pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people in the scheme, without any sale of product or service being made. Pyramid schemes are one of the commonest types of investment scam and fraud and it is illegal in almost every country of the world. Under a pyramid scheme, people pay to participate and are promised a reward for recruiting other people into the scheme; this means that early investors often make large profits. However, because the scheme needs more and more people (investors) to keep joining, it becomes imperative that it will eventually run out of people who may be willing to join. The result is that the promoter makes huge profit, the people that joined early also make profits but those that joined later lose their investments. 

How does this compare with WorldVentures? WorldVentures is a lifestyle company operating in Travel, Leisure and Tourism industry. The Company has created three incredible, value-driven products which are completely unique and unrivalled in the marketplace. The DreamTrips Membership, Luxury DreamTrips Membership, and Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) Packages are exciting products which naturally lends themselves to marketing via word-of-mouth and social networking. Each product is unique and members are getting paid large sums of money by simply sharing their experience of the products with other members of the public. This is really fun! 

2. You Can Not Earn More Money Than The Person That Introduced You
This may be true with some Network Marketing companies but definitely not  WorldVentures. WorldVentures adopts a Binary System. This is a bit technical to explain now; but try to understand it on the surface. The system is designed to allow you to grow only two sales teams; one on your right hand and the other on your left. It does not really matter that you are the overall team leader, every sales member in your team who makes more sales than you, gets paid more than you. WorldVentures motivates its Independent Business Representatives to do more sales, train its team to duplicate the same process and expand their businesses. The only reason anybody in the company would make fantastic profit is when it is making sales regularly. In WorldVentures, every Business Representative is equal, the only difference starts to count when you make more sales than your counterparts….. and that is fair in business. 

3. Only The People At The Top Get All The Money
In a conventional corporate world where you have the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the top, followed by the Board of Directors, Senior Management, Middle Management and Yourself; who do you think in your honest opinion gets all the money? It is the CEO! It would be unfair for any member of the Board or Senior Management or Your-Humble Self to earn more money than the CEO.

Again in WorldVentures, the story is not the same. If you make more sales than the CEO, you would certainly earn more money than he. The structure of WorldVentures is such a perfect one that the cards are played openly on the table.

 4. How Big is WorldVentures
Travel is the largest industry in the world with over $8 Trillion in turnover and growing. One of the factors that investors look for when considering an investment opportunity is whether the industry is expanding or contrasting. Investors are looking for industries that are counter-cyclical; that is, industries that are guaranteed to grow even when the global economy is in recession. This was proved by WorldVentures in 2008 when the global recession started. While many big companies were closing down, WorldVentures doubled its previous year’s turnover. In 2009, the company increased its turnover again by almost 100% to about $250 million within its 4 years of operation. WorldVentures is positioned to become a “Billion Dollar” Company. 

….. Still Not Convinced?

You may be wondering in your mind right now….. if everything I have read from this article is correct, how come people fail in Network Marketing? The simple answer is that although everybody is created equally to succeed; not everybody must succeed. The only people who succeed in Network Marketing are those who are committed to making their goals work. Every profession, business or career has its own peculiar obstacles to overcome; it is only those who are courageously determined and persistent that always crosses over their barriers. 

Here is the good news; nobody fails with WorldVentures!

The least benefit you will enjoy when you become a DreamTrips Member is that you would tour exotic places of the world at incredibly discounted rates for life as long as you remain an active member. In most cases, DreamTrips Members cover their initial investment cost within one vacation trip; so even if you are not interested in making sales and earning huge profits as others, you may choose to take 5 Star Vacations at 2 Star prices. The savings are huge and ridiculously unbelievable and it might surprise you to know also that WorldVentures offers the cheapest travel deals to anywhere in the world today. What can you compare a 4 Day/3 Night stay in a 5 Star Resort (Double occupancy) for the price of $49 only? 

If you are looking to invest in WorldVentures, and you want to obtain some information to help you decide whether the investment is right for you; Rehoboth World Limited, one of the fastest growing WorldVentures’ Independent Representatives in the United Kingdom will be more than happy to guide and offer FREE Coaching to ensure your smooth start irrespective of your experience and country of residence.


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